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Just wanted to thank you for your fantastic service you provided. You made me feel such as ease and was lovely to deal with a company who understood how difficult this time could be. I have attached a photo of my gorgeous Milo who unfortunately at the age of 4 had to leave this earth. Even though we only had  a short time together he was the most amazing horse with the kindest nature and upper attitude to life. He will be missed forever xxxx



In his almost 23 years with me, Bertie did so much! I got him from his breeder as a newly backed 4yo and we started riding the following spring. Bertie taught my son Thomas to ride at 3. He was always very sensible and if there was something he didn’t like, he simply froze until he had worked it out. He lived with a Hafflinger mare until she died, then that field was sold so he went out on loan but he was not too happy with that and I found a school farm with DIY livery to keep him at. He had 2 old sheeps for company and become very attached to them. On the farm open day in May he did the pony rides and over the 8 years, he gave many children there first ever experience of riding a pony. We did a few BHS sponsored rides in Bedfordshire and then I started driving him at 16. He took to it very happily and we spent many hours trotting along the roads. We moved to Lincolnshire in 2016 but he found the move quite upsetting and he was very ill that winter, a very sensitive veteran. Before we moved, I rescued a Dartmoor filly for company for him but she is quite dominant now that she’s a mare! Recently, one of our ewes was poorly and he went alongside her to graze with her, thus she quit her bleating and started eating, one of his most endearing moments. Unfortunately, the laminitis became more severe each summer and with a heavy heart full of love for the most wonderful pony ever, I had to call time. Carol Ann

BERTIE 18/4/95 – 23/8/22


My beautiful soul friend Anam Cara, we met 13 years ago when I was left some money and decided to fulfil my lifelong ambition of owning a horse.

I had planned to ride her but she had other ideas and had been many years as a dressage horse and was done with that! Listening to her we followed the natural horsemanship path and into Equine Assisted therapy, with her guiding me into training and courses.

She brought other horses into the herd until we were 4, when we worked for 10 years helping people to heal through being with horses, Cara saw her last client the day before she left this realm, a fitting end to her amazing work as a healer for humans.

Deeply honoured to have known her all these years and she now resides in a deep place within my heart always.

Farewell my beloved Anam Cara until we meet again.

I remain your devoted friend forever.

Louise Epona Pell


A lovely tribute from one of our customers:

This is my beautiful mare Chloe Valentine – my partner paid for her from the RSPCA as a Valentine’s gift 10 years ago. I have a piebald gelding from the RSPCA who has been the kindest, most honest horse anyone could hope to own – I have had him 19 years now. Chloe was going to be my next Horlicks, but it became apparent very early on that she was not. Her behaviour has always been challenging, as has her soundness. She had major orthopaedic surgery 3 years ago and was diagnosed with navicular last year. This summer we thought that we had finally cracked her behavioural issues, when she was put on Regumate and the past few months have been the happiest and most successful that we have had. Unfortunately her behaviour changed dramatically a week ago and she became aggressive to the other horses and myself and she attacked both myself and my other mare. We have no idea what caused the change in behaviour, but on the advice of the vets we had to let her go. She is so missed, but we know that she is now at peace and out of pain.


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