In memory of

Chloe Valentine

This is my beautiful mare Chloe Valentine – my partner paid for her from the RSPCA as a Valentine’s gift 10 years ago.  I have a piebald gelding from the RSPCA who has been the kindest, most honest horse anyone could hope to own – I have had him 19 years now.  Chloe was going to be my next Horlicks, but it became apparent very early on that she was not.  Her behaviour has always been challenging, as has her soundness.  She had major orthopaedic surgery 3 years ago and was diagnosed with navicular last year.  This summer we thought that we had finally cracked her behavioural issues, when she was put on Regumate and the past few months have been the happiest and most successful that we have had.  Unfortunately her behaviour changed dramatically a week ago and she became aggressive to the other horses and myself and she attacked both myself and my other mare.  We have no idea what caused the change in behaviour, but on the advice of the vets we had to let her go.  She is so missed, but we know that she is now at peace and out of pain.


The greatest escape artist ever!


An all round lovely little chap, such a big heart, so genuine and so missed.

Good on yer Biggs.



“Our time together was short but I owe you so much”

Gone from our lives but the memories will last forever.

Reggie – Second Chance VI

I will remember you long after your hoof prints have faded from this earth, because they are forever imprinted on my heart.  Prince Reginald – horse of a lifetime!


God made the soul of Gina from the breath of the wind, the beauty of the earth and the soul of an angel – Rest in peace beautiful girl.

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