Humane shooting

A licensed professional may dispatch a horse using a suitable firearm. This is the euthanasia service we offer.
The horse will be given a sedative to ensure it is calm and a single bullet will be administered in the centre of the forehead. Death will be instantaneous, and the horse will immediately fall to the ground so consider this from a safety perspective. The gun will be noisy, so again be prepared or else it will come as a shock. There may be a small amount of blood.
After death sometimes the horse’s reflex actions in its muscles will twitch or spasm and its legs may kick, so again, be aware. Its heart may also continue to beat for a short time. However, this is normal and the animal is not suffering during these reflex actions.
Shooting opens up other options for the disposal of the horse as it may be eligible to enter the human or animal food chain depending on whether it has received any prohibited medicines during its lifetime

Cremation options

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